Metal Bending

Perfolux specializes in bending and curving metal materials. We work with aluminum, stainless steel, carbon steel, and sheet metal, producing custom profiles and bends that meet our customers’ unique application and performance requirements.

Bending is an essential part of sheet metal manufacturing. With nearly every industry requiring some form of sheet metal work, the bending process has evolved to include a wide variety of tools and methods to transform flat sheet metal into the three dimensional shapes needed for manufactured products.

No matter the scale or material, the bending process transforms a flat sheet of metal into a newly shaped piece. Some of these pieces are finished parts in their own right, while some function as a component that will go on to be part of a greater system.

Specialty manufacturers often offer many unique processes in addition to bending, depending upon the particular demands of their customers. Sheet metal work often involves a combination of these processes.

For example, once metal has been crafted into a shape through bending or forming, it may need to be deburred and polished, or it may require punching or stamping. Finally, it could be protected with a custom powder coating or specialty finish. Perfolux offers all of these services in one facility and is classified as “single source” metal supplier.

Perfolux metal fabrication, Metal Bending Press Operations

Sheet Metal Bending Operations

Perfolux can bend many types of

Materials on our CNC Press Brakes

Perfolux in an industry leader in sheet metal bending. We work with both sheet metal (in general, less than 1/8” (3 mm) thick) and metal plate (more than 1/8” (3 mm) thick), using specialized equipment to create a range of bent products. Perfolux bends stainless steel, brass, copper, and aluminum sheet metal, as well as other specialty alloys – depending on your exact needs.

Carbon Steel

This is the material Perfolux works with most frequently; carbon steel is available in numerous grades, each with its own mechanical properties and characteristics. Not all types of carbon steel bend or form the same way, but Perfolux’s experience and expertise enables us to bend carbon steel products in any grade with equal precision.

Perfolux Press Brake Bending Carbon Steel

Bending Carbon Steel

Perfolux can bend your carbon steel parts with precision and accuracy with either our two-meter or our three-meter CNC press brake.

Stainless Steel

Perfolux uses a variety of machines to create custom bent stainless steel profiles and shapes: angle rollers, rotary-draw benders, induction bending equipment, and more. We work with stainless steel in all grades and finishes, and can easily deliver the custom bent stainless steel that project requires—even complex shapes!

Bending Stainless Steel

Perfolux can bend your stainless steel parts with precision and accuracy with either our two-meter or our three-meter CNC press brake.


Perfolux works with all grades and tempers of aluminum. We can custom bend aluminum pieces to match your exact specifications. Aluminum can be tricky to bend, especially to tight radii, but Perfolux has the skills and experience to deliver precision bent aluminum profiles of all shapes and sizes.

Bending Aluminum

Despite the complexities, Perfolux can bend your aluminum parts with precision and accuracy with either our two-meter or our three-meter CNC press brake.